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CJL Electronics is proud to announce that we are now the sole Australian agent for the HISEN range of HF welding equipment. Hisen welders are very well known and respected within the industry.

Hisen offer an extensive range - from small dual head machines - to computer controlled fully automated pick and place systems. For more information on these machines click the 'Products' link above.

-- Forty years of progress --
C.J. Loftus Electronics may only be a young name but the knowledge behind this company is extensive.

Craig Loftus, director of the company, is the Grandson of Jimmy Piper.

Jim was a manufacturer of welders back in the 70's and some of you may still be using his machines today, which carry the Plastronic brand name.

Left: Pictured here is one of Jim's promotional brochures from back in the days of his own company - Piper Electronics.
Graig has been in the HF welder industry for 15 years and has been manufacturing welding machinery since 1995. Adam Loftus, Craigs younger brother, has trained in the new electronics industry for 6 years.
Finally the company has as it's consultant Peter Elliott, who has been in the HF industry since 1963. Peter was one of the original partners of Everitt Highfield Pty Ltd. In the time before his retirement he played a major role in the design their HF equipment, from small 0.5kw to large 50kW welders for the Auto Industry.
A couple of the machines Peter was involved in developing are still being manufactured to-this-day by CJ Loftus. These being the 20kw and 10kw bar welders for the Tarp Industry, these machines have now become the standard for this industry.
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