Hisen Welders -
High Quality Imported High Frequency Welders
  12kw Mobile Tarp Welder HDW 1206

This mobile head machine is designed for the manufacture of tarpaulins, banners, structural membranes and covers. Utilising a deep holding bin at the back of the machine, large jobs can be completed by only one operator.

The machines smooth movement is achieved by a two speed geared motor and needle rollers in the wheels. In auto mode the traverse distance is accurately controlled by the machine eliminating the need to repeatedly position the head for every weld.




  Computer Controlled HDW 1022
  Automatic Tier Tray  

This machine is ideal for both short run and production of all sheeted PVC products. The programmable computer controls both weld process times and sequence selections.

The two tier tray system is driven by an air-over-oil actuator with sinusoidal movement, this guarantees accurate location of all components.


  Computer Controlled HDW 1023
  Independent Shuttle Tray  

This dual shuttle tray welder is ideal for PVC sheeted products with multiple components. The smooth sliding system is driven by an air-over-coil actuator ensuring accurate placement and welding of product components.

The programmable computer also has a 'Memory Start' function that enables the operator to complete a secondary operation during the process time.


  Computer Controlled HDW 1025
  4 Station Rotary Table  

This model has been designed for high speed production of complex sheeted products. Advanced mechanical design and the unique computer control system make this machine highly efficient and well suited to large volume production.

To complement the rotary table, there is an optional dedicated board feeder to automatically 'pick and place' product components.


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